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Founder, Content Creator, F&B Market Intelligence

Rachel Gouk is originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She’s been writing about food & drink in Shanghai for media publications since 2011. In addition to running Nomfluence, she is also a food and drink consultant, providing F&B market intelligence on Shanghai and other cities in China. She has intimate knowledge and experiences of the Shanghai food and drink industry, as well as media and marketing.

Nomfluence first started out as a passion project in 2018 with a simple purpose: To share my experiences and information on where to eat and drink in Shanghai.

Shanghai has afforded me with so many amazing opportunities and experiences, especially on the eating and drinking front. It gave me my Shanghai food and beverage family and friends, fueled my passion for the F&B industry, and a livelihood that some would say is a dream job.

Nomfluence is one woman’s guide to Shanghai’s food and drink scene. I hope it serves as an informative platform that takes you to many delicious meals and tasty tipples!” — Rachel Gouk

About Nomfluence, Shanghai Food & Drink Blog

The best restaurants for brunch in Shanghai. @ Nomfluence

Founded in 2018, Nomfluence is an independent platform for resources and information on where to eat and drink in Shanghai. Features cover news, new restaurant and bar openings, city guides, hotel dining, and industry related columns, as well as personal experiences of eating and drinking in this glorious city.

Food & Drink Guides

Abridged lists on where to eat and drink in Shanghai, featuring brunches to happy hours to the best street food.

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Consulting Services

  • Market Research – Not limited to Shanghai
  • Branding – In collaboration with Shanghai’s finest design and ideation studios
  • Orientation – Overview of Shanghai current market
  • Positioning – Fine tuning your brand to fit the market
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Social Media in China – An overview of Dianping, Xiaohongshu (Red Book), WeChat, Douyin (TikTok), Weibo, etc.
  • Advertising – How to best use your budgets
  • Content Creation
  • Training – For marketing and content staff

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