Advertisement from McDonald’s

The newest exciting cuisine probably won’t be posted in the Michelin guide. Instead, turn to your trusted golden arches to try this Monday’s newest release on the McDonald’s “Member’s Day Menu” – the Spicy Sundae. This dessert features an iconic Chinese ingredient with a classic McD’s dessert, bringing together the best of East and West, heat and chill, savory and sweet in one formidable cup. It features a sweet swirl of vanilla ice cream, artfully topped with chili sauce, reminiscent of the array of chili jars in your Chinese grandma’s kitchen.

McDonald’s is proving that they like to stay at the forefront of what’s exciting in China’s fast-food. With new creative items introduced only for a limited-time one Monday per month, the Member’s Day Menu is an intriguing way to experience a new twist to our favorites. The McDonald’s culinary team is specifically seeking out flavors and ingredients that align most with local preferences – especially for young consumers who are always craving new, shareable experiences.

So, while we can’t try the McDonald’s menus in other countries for now, McDonald’s China is consistently bringing new food experiences to our own neighborhood. We can’t wait to see what they roll out next.