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McDonald’s is once again introducing a limited-time innovation for the “Members’ Day Menu” — a brand-new Crispy Tofu Burger: the bread is black with squid-ink in it. Tofu is fried, crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside. In addition to the whole piece of tofu, with the sauce made from pickled cowpea and ground meat, the overall taste is spicy, salty, and fresh. This new burger is a tribute to the flavors of Hunan. It also brings tofu, a traditional and common Chinese ingredient but a new protein category to McDonald’s menu.

Crispy Tofu Burger

Anyone familiar with Chinese cuisine knows that pickled cowpea and ground meat is a favorite side dish in the Hunan region of China. They are found in many local dishes. What kind of delicious taste will be created by creatively adding with pickled cowpea and ground meat into burgers as a sauce? You can find out on September 20th at McDonald’s China!

McDonald’s is proving how it can enlist the curiosity of locals seeking fun and innovative cuisine. Since December 2020, McDonald’s China has prepared one special product for its members every month. The McDonald’s culinary team is specifically seeking out flavors and ingredients that align most with local preferences – especially for young consumers who are always craving new, shareable experiences. The unexpected yet familiar menu features China cuisine-inspired ingredients with western format.

Spicy Wagyu Beef Burger
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