​It’s the season for Galette des Rois! Here’s where you can order these deliciously fun almond custard pastries in Shanghai.

What is Galette des Rois?

Also known as King Cake, Galette des Rois is a flaky puff pastry traditionally eaten in France in January to celebrate Epiphany, the date the three wise men were said to visit Baby Jesus. It takes on a golden-brown crust, a wonderfully brittle and buttery outer casing of crisp puff pastry enclosing a delicately sweet frangipane (almond) custard filling.

Where to buy galette de rois, king cake in Shanghai.

The cake’s origin dates back many centuries, but its commercialization has emphasized another peculiarity… A bean “la fève” or plastic figurine—a nod to Baby Jesus—lays hidden somewhere inside. Find it in your slice and you’re crowned king/queen! Typically, you slice up the cake and have the youngest person in the room divvy up the slices.

To many, it means prosperity and a year of of bragging rights, though the cake must be eaten with some measure of controlled anticipation to avoid chipping a tooth. Fanatics even keep a collection of these figurines. Even if you don’t find the bean in your slice, this cake is a excellently royal way to finish to any meal.

Where To Get Galette De Rois in Shanghai


Huashan Lu: 888 Huashan Lu, near Wukang Lu 华山路888号, 近武康路
Tel: 17721234052
Xingfu Li: 381 Panyu Lu, near Fahuazhen Lu 番禺路381号, 近法华镇路
Tel: 19921436838
One ITC: L2-227-228, 1901 Huashan Lu, near Guangyuan Xi Lu 华山路1901号L2, 近广元西路
Tel: 13361904618, 19512318973
Jiaozhou Lu: No. 103, Bldg 31, 322 Jiaozhou Lu, near Xinzha Lu 胶州路322号31栋103室, 近新闸路
Tel: 19921044334

Where to buy galette de rois, king cake in Shanghai. Luneurs bakery and cafe.

Instead of a figurine, Luneurs has placed a whole almond in their galettes (¥280/21cm). It’s available at the Xingfu Li, Huashan Lu, Jiaozhou Lu and One ITC stores until Jan 31. Booking required 48 hours in advance. Call or use their mini program by searching for “Luneurs” on WeChat.

La Parisienne

Address: BFC Mall, South Building,1/F, 600 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, near Fengjing Lu 中山东二路600号1楼, 近枫泾路
Tel: 63350825

Where to buy galette de rois, king cake in Shanghai. La Parisienne bakery.

La Parisienne has two sizes, 22cm (¥168) for six people and 28cm (¥208) for eight people. They’ve added a little twist to the traditional almond cream filling, sneaking in some black rum for aroma. Pre-order one day in advance. Pick up from their BFC branch only. Available until Jan 31.

Pain Chaud

Xuhui: 256 Jianguo Xi Lu,near Jiashan Lu 建国西路256号, 近嘉善路
Tel: 33560520
Jing’an: S102, 1/F, Jiuguang City Plaza, 1618 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu 南京西路1618号久光百货1楼S102室, 近华山路
Tel: 52995580
Xintiandi: B1, 333 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Madang Lu 淮海中路333号B1, 近马当路
Tel: 63680010
Changning: L115, L’Avenue Mall, 99 Xianxia Lu, near Zunyi Lu 仙霞路99号L115, 近遵义路
Tel: 32125150

Where to buy galette de rois, king cake in Shanghai. Pain Chaud bakery and cafe.

Pain Chaud has two sizes, one that serves 6-8 people for ¥188 and one for 10-12 people for ¥298. Available until Jan 31 at all stores, pick-up only, orders 48 hours in advance.

La Boulangerie

Address: 1/F, 480 Jianguo Xi Lu, near Yueyang Lu 建国西路480号1楼, 近岳阳路
Tel: 33391886

Where to buy galette de rois, king cake in Shanghai. La Boulangerie de Pierre Gagnaire.

La Boulangerie de Pierre Gagnaire has one for ¥288, which serves 4-6 people. Orders are required 24 hours in advance, pick up recommended or you can use a delivery service to pick up. Available until Jan 7.

Mr & Mrs Bund

Address: 6/F, Bund 18, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Nanjing Dong Lu 中山东一路18号6楼,近南京东路
Tel: 63239898

Mr & Mrs Bund has two sizes, one 20cm for ¥240, serves 4-6 people and one 26cm for ¥460 for 8-10 people. Available from Jan 6-10, for brunch, dinner or takeaway.