Nordic eatery Pelikan will soon close, so better get your fix before it’s too late. The date has yet to be determined (stay tuned for updates), following the green light for the team’s next big project: BOR Eatery.

BOR Eatery will be located above Funk & Kale on Anfu Lu, led by chef Kasper Pedersen. He’ll be lifting his existing team into the new restaurant. There are currently no immediate plans to reopen Pelikan.

Chef Kasper Pedersen, BOR Eatery, Shanghai. Opening May 2019.
Kasper Pedersen

A new kitchen signifies a new beginning. And the idea of BOR stems from the desire to regain creativity. The food there, as Kasper tells it, will have some similarities of the former place (it is after all, the same chef), but will ultimately have an entirely new identity.

The space

What’s super cool about BOR is their layout. BOR’s open kitchen strips away the “wall” between chef and diner. Literally, there is zero-barrier between the plating section/induction stove top kitchen and the seating area. Other hardware includes a large wine fridge, Josper oven, and a dry aging unit.

Here a photo of some tiles. Because everything else is under construction.

The menu

It’ll be a chef-driven menu. And if you’re asking, “Well, what kind of cuisine is it?” There isn’t one. It’s western, if that helps.

A sneak peek at the menu sees dishes like grilled sardines with almonds and lemon, tuna tartare with sea urchin sauce and cardamom, hot smoked salmon with sweet mustard, grilled halibut, smoked pork ribs, and bone-in ribeye with salsa verde, to name a few.

“We (at Pelikan) have worked together as a teamc for three years. People like the food we serve, but don’t understand what Danish food is. That boxes us in. We have an amazing team, and we want them (diners) to see value in what we do. We want to be able to flex our creativity without having those boundaries,” says Kasper.

Chef Kasper Pedersen, BOR Eatery, Shanghai. Opening May 2019.

BOR Eatery will have about 50 seats with a small bar and plenty of natural light.

Opening May 2019.

BOR Eatery
Address: 2/F, No. 11, 322 Anfu Lu, near Wukang Lu 安福路322弄11号2层,近武康路
Tel: 62667909